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Lucía Montes, in her journey with the Sharon Fridman company, in which the contact-improvisation technique is deeply worked, has had the experience of teaching people of all ages and physical conditions for several years. She has also directed and choreographed large and varied groups of people. She has a great love of sharing teaching with others and leading groups.


Mado Dallery has given classes in contemporary and classical technique and given repertoire workshops of companies in Madrid in which he has worked, LaRumbe Danza among others.


We propose classes on connection with the body, improvisation, and contemporary dance tools. There, we introduce our different influences on the movement and our common research. Workshops and classes adaptable for all ages and physical conditions, with the only requirement of having an interest in connecting with the body.

We propose varied and flexible formulas. Workshops together in which we focus on our common work, and / or workshops given by each one, reflecting our personal trajectories.

Through classes and workshops, we propose to share with the community our knowledge, inspirations and ways of connecting with the body that we have been developing throughout our trajectory.

Making everyone who has an interest in movement experience directly through a workshop on connection with the body.

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