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Photography and visuals

Carla Paucar was born in Quito, Ecuador (1992). She moved to Madrid at the age of 8. She studied visual arts and dance, physical theater at the Rey Juan Carlos University graduating in 2016. A couple of years later she studied acting at Estudio Juan Codina, complementing her training with dance and physical theater courses. Her interest in fashion and styling, already present, was reinforced while she studied performing arts, thinking of it as an essential part of a staging and its message. Sharing her aesthetic vision via social networks, people began to contact her to do styling work with various musical artists.

Since then she has also worked with fashion publishers. Lately, the costume design for the El Madrileño project with Alex Turrion in 2020-21 stands out.

When it comes to creating styles, she draws on her training in performing arts to provide a more theatrical and performatic vision, understanding fashion as part of a complete work. She usually mixes pieces of her own creation, fabrics, concrete materials with designer pieces and thus gets a more personal result.


She has designed the costumes for the company's pieces. For IN-SIDE, she used very specific ideas, such as the sensation of skin, seeking a harmony between the two interpreters while keeping their individuality.



Sergio Garcia was born in Madrid (1972). He studied Fine Arts at the Complutense Faculty of Madrid from 1991 to 1996. Years later he trained in stage lighting and sound in workshops such as  ‘Taller Luz y sonido desde el ordenador Iñaqui Juárez’ "Course of stage lighting by Jaume Aiza" and "Counselor course Inaem Community of Madrid'.
Throughout his career, in addition to working in various theaters in Madrid, he has provided technical direction and lighting design for different dance companies such as: Cía. Daniel Abreu, Cia. Sharon Fridman, Cía Antonio Ruz, Cía Jesús Rubio, Cía Chevi Muraday, Cía Carmen Fumero and Cía Elías Aguirre among others.
Since 2015 he has been technical director of the CUERPO ROMO festival and since 2019 also technical director of the CC. Paco Rabel.

He designed the lights for IN-SIDE, creating atmospheres and volumes in harmony with the sensitivity of the work.


image_123650291 copia.jpg

Rocío Aguirre was born in southern Chile (1989). She started by taking photos and exhibiting them until she studied photography in Santiago. She began working with fashion publishers where she created film sets with unusual characters in analog. She has published works in magazines such as Nylon, ID and Vice, and has also worked in one of the most important studios in Latin America, creating campaigns for brands such as Nike, Levis and Pepsi. After that she began to photograph different musicians from record companies such as Universal UK and from Chile or Sony Spain and US, and working on music videos.

In addition to publishing and advertising, she considers photography a unique and tangible object, which is why she specialized in chemical photography in New York, where she learned techniques such as wet collodion, cyanotype and salty paper. Today, based in Madrid, she continues her professional life doing analogue editorials, works with musicians, videos for social medias and continues to study new techniques and disciplines. She realizes advertising campaigns and teaches fashion photography and cyanotype classes in art schools.

She has designed and made the photography and visuals for the company's pieces, IN-SIDE amongst others, enhancing elements and concepts of the piece such as weightlessness and corporeity thanks to her work with light and points of view of the photographs.



Aire is the main project of Dani Sanchez (1994), musician, producer and DJ born in Barcelona. He trained in music theory, harmony, violin and piano. He ended up opting for electronic music production.
After making different productions for artists close to him, he set about creating his own sound. In November 2018 he released JMA, his debut album on the Irish label Glacial Industries (UK), where later, in December 2019, he released his single SOPHIA.
That same year he made his live debut at Loom Festival (2019) with an audiovisual piece that synthesized all his work so far.
He is co-founder of the artistic collective Spanish Mafia, with which he has made different audiovisual productions, works and parties, including the Off Sonar 2019 edition accompanied by the Local Action and Glacial Industries labels.
In January 2020 he traveled to Madrid to be part of an ELAMOR artistic residency called LEOPOLDO. Thanks to this, he began to work with ELAMOR on dance pieces such as EQUILIBRIO, Museo del Prado (2020), AFTERLOVE, with Mar Aguiló as choreographer accompanied by dancers from Spain National Dance Company, and other pieces in 2021 such as ENTERTAINMENT by Manuel Rodriguez .
He is currently developing the soundtrack for the film AUN by the ANTONIO RUZ Company and the music for the dance pieces STELLA (2021) and ABIGAIL (2021) in collaboration with ELAMOR, Los Teatros de la Abadía and Teatros del Canal.

He is the creator of the original music for IN-SIDE.



Beatriz de Paz was born in Seville (1996). There, her desire and need to dance arises, leading her to the “Antonio Ruiz Soler” Conservatory. She specializes in ballet dance and decides to continue and finish her studies at the Mariemma Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, graduating in 2018. In 2019 she begins to work as a dancer at Larumbe Danza and to work as a freelancer on different projects as a dancer but also in diverse performing arts such as in Arco Madrid or Escenas Do Cambio in Santiago de Compostela. In 2021 she begins to work with choreographers such as Antonio Ruz, Manuel Rodríguez, Begoña Quiñones and Verónica Garzón, Paula Sánchez Arévalo, Sharon Fridman and Luz Arcas.

She has also, through audiovisual projects, worked with Marcos Morau, ELAMOR, Jordi Vilaseca or Ángel Rodríguez.

Interpreting fascinates her and is very present in her life, as well as her interest in developing projects with a social motive. Body ends up being her greatest tool of interest to illustrate, denounce, and educate through it the society that surrounds her.

She joins the company in 2024.

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