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An exorbitant space, two bodies in tension, everything material changes and adapts to new mutations... An infinite path, which transforms rather than advances.

IN-SIDE is an investigation that arises in 2020 and has led to two proposals. A 20-minute piece for unconventional spaces and its 45-minute extended version for theaters.

It is a piece that was born from the desire of Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery to investigate and create, from a deep physical investigation, based on the influences of both creators and their connection. It focuses on the physicality of bodies, a duality in constant tension within a singular atmosphere.

Choreography and interpretation:

Lucia Montes and Mado Dallery

Original Music: Aire

Costumes: Carla Paucar

Photography: Rocio Aguirre

Lighting: Sergio García



In this singular space-time, we find two bodies attracted to each other, living together, affecting each other, merging ... In an environment that passes from ethereal and intangible, to the most earthly and conscious. The two bodies leave a trail, a trace of movements that suggest endless sensations ... Sometimes coexisting in the same world that surrounds them, others, gaining the personal inner world. Two bodies charged with energy that come together in a subtle and magnetic way.

We travel through a material path, of perceptions and changes that take over the bodies, inviting everyone to join it from within.

IN-SIDE in unconventional spaces (duration 20 min)

On July 27, 2021, the 20-minutes version of IN-SIDE is officially presented to the public for the first time at the Burgos-New York International Contest, where the piece is awarded First Prize in "Dancing with Stones". Since then, it has been performed at various national festivals such as Cuerpo Romo, DansaValencia, Cádiz en Danza, among others... and is opening its horizons, premiering in France at the Été Ossalois festival (August 2022), and in Portugal at Lugar Futuro festival (November 2022).

It is also awarded at the Madrid Choreographic Contest 2021 with the prizes: Young Jury Prize, TanzBiennale, Dansa Valencia, Emprendo Danza, Paco Rabal and PAD Prize.

The show has been in the 15th catalog of Shows Recommended by the Ballet, Dance and Movement Arts Commission of the Spanish Theater Network since May 2022.

In September 2023 it wins the award for best work at the DZM Festival along with the Gatadans price.

IN-SIDE integrates the 2024 Danza A Escena Catalog and Danza A Escena Circuit.

IN-SIDE in Theatre (duration 45 min)

On September 2, 2022, the long version of IN-SIDE is pre premiered in Madrid and in January 2023 it is premiered in Germany at the TanzBiennale of Heidelberg. For this evolving, the project got the added support of the Sanchinarro Cultural Center - Antonio Ruz Company, Festival Dansa Valencia, Compañía Nacional de Danza, CCVO (France) and the Paco Rabal Cultural Center of Madrid (Prize in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid).  

Supporting the project:


"Primitive inhabitants arrived at a new Paradise of three-dimensional existence where the echo that the body leaves, affected by the past, reaches the other who looks towards the future. Uncertain but interdependent entities. Pure terrestrial magnetism where Dallery and Montes are two flying and articulating objects . Two nomads with delay who try to dominate and contain the complexity of the contemporary world. Their forms, given over to electronic stimuli and fascinated by their power, invite us to acclimatize to their new territory. "

-Words of Nuria Ruiz de Viñaspre

"IN-SIDE created with four hands by Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery, its interpreters, was one of the most attractive and solid proposals at competition ... a creation of enormous plasticity that knows how to sustain its internal drive and that suggestive and enigmatic atmosphere. "

Susyq - Omar Khan. Words after the 35th Madrid Choreographic Contest


Thanks to: 

Everyone in the project's team and to those who helped in different ways. Arthur Bernard Bazin, Nathalie Remadi, Richard Mascherin, Nuria Ruiz de Viñaspre, Juan de Torres...

IN-SIDE Winner piece in the “Certamen Internacional Coreográfico Burgos-Nueva York” 2021, cathegory Bailando con Piedras

Price Youth Jury, TanzBiennale, Dansa Valencia, Emprendo Danza, Paco Rabal and Price PAD in the “35 Cert coreográfico de Madrid” (2021)

DZM 2023 Festival Best Work Award

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