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New creation project in progress

After The Drop is a project directed by Lucia Montes and Mado Dallery, who continue their work of co-creation, welcoming a new member in the team as a dancer, Beatriz de Paz.  This future work takes as its starting point the idea of the incessant construction and destruction that surrounds us today, with the intention of questioning how much or how we can sustain what is built today, how we deal with the destruction, what it takes to build …

Co-production :

-CCVO Vallée d Ossau, France





With the support of :

-Spain National Dance Company (photos of our first residence at its headquarters, captured by Alba Muriel).

-María Pagés Choreographic Center





We are looking for co-production, residencies and all types of artistic exchanges with entities, artists or others... We will continue the creation mainly in summer 2024.

Contact us to learn more about this new project.

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