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Choreographer and Performer

Born in Milan (1998), I grew up between Italy and France. I was able to be in contact with an artistic field from a very young age, since my grandfather and great-grandfather were cabinetmakers and painters. For my part, I developed more sensitivity in the performing arts, in particular dance. That is why I moved to Paris at the age of 16 to study at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional in the specialty of jazz dance, graduating in 2016. I then completed my training in the pre-professional program of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company directing my career towards contemporary dance.


In 2017 I arrived in Madrid where I continued my training and where I have also been working since then. During my first year here I created a short solo choreography that I performed at independent festivals in the summer of 2018. In this period, I joined the Somosdanza Compañía for its new creation “La sorprendente historia de un cuerpo desplegable” in co-production with the Teatros del Canal.


Since 2019, I have participated in several projects of Cia Antonio Ruz, the last ones released being "Aun" the film celebrating the company's ten years and "Pharsalia" which I integrated in May 2023.

I also work regularly as a dancer for the LaRumbe Danza company since fall 2019, in their latest creations and revivals, including a solo choreographed by Cesc Gelabert. Throughout my experience with the company, in addition to acting, I have had the opportunity to give specific classes and workshops to very diverse people.
In the end of 2021 I have been part of the work "Somos la Guerra", by the company LaPharmaco, whose profound work I have been able to get to know on previous occasions.
In autumn 2022 I start working with the choreographer Gentian Doda, based between Albania and Germany.

Since Autumn 2023, I have had the opportunity to work again with Luz Arcas form LaPharmaco in the staging of "Rigoletto" by director Miguel Del Arco.


More occasionally, I have participated as a dancer or actress in various audiovisual and performance projects for Gloria Oyarzabal, Elena Bajo, Miguel Del Arco or the indie-rock band Arde Bogotá.


Since the beginning of 2021 I am undertaking my own project as co-creator and performer of the company with my partner Lucía Montes. our colaboration has given us the opportunity to create works such as IN-SIDE, IN-SIDE (extended version) and MODA NO SOY, looking forward to our next-to-come projects.


I like to keep nurturing myself, and learn from many different people, reading, drawing, participating in various courses, to grow not only in the creative field but above all as a person.


Movement is, I think, where I am most sincere, true and carefree. Both interpreting and creating, I like the sensation of now, of a present that cannot escape me and that I live trying to accept the state in which I find myself, with its ups and downs. I am inspired by images connecting with what surrounds me but I do not look for something in every aspect of my life that has to serve the production of a tangible result.

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Works as an interpreter

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