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By Mado Dallery

Fashion: -Use, mode or custom that is in vogue for some time, or in a certain place

-anagram of Mado
I AM NOT FASHION or Je ne suis pas Maude/Mode is an investigation that arises from the impact of contempt and condescension on a body/person considered young. It is a silent cry for the emancipation of this sensation: “I want to be able to express my frustrations, fears, desires and beliefs without being labeled as Frivolous Fashions. My identity is not a fashion”.

This is an ongoing artistic research project by Cia Lucía Montes & Mado Dallery for the creation of a 15-minute contemporary dance solo for All audiences, choreographed and performed by Mado Dallery. It takes as its starting point a physical and psychological investigation based on the impact of the gaze of others on an insecure body.

Choreography and interpretation:

Mado Dallery

Original Music: Lucía Montes

Costumes: Carla Paucar

Photography: Rocio Aguirre

Sound arrangements: Aire

Supporting the project:

Piece rewarded with the Second Prize of Vallecas Danza



To the entire project team and to those who are helping us in different ways.

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