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By Mado Dallery

MODA NO SOY is an investigation that arises from the impact of condescension on a body or person considered young.

When your sexual orientation, gender identity, political thoughts or artistic aspirations have been invalidated with the sole argument of youth, the body ends up manifesting and dealing with a great feeling of nonconformity. How does a body that has been influenced by the condescension of others redefine and defend its identity?

It is an interdisciplinary piece by Cia Lucía Montes & Mado Dallery in which the creators collaborate in a different way.

A solo directed and choreographed by Mado Dallery, with sound space on stage by Lucía Montes. It takes as a starting point an investigation based on the impact of other people's gaze on a young body. It aims to play with deformity in the body and its perception.


The piece is accessible to all audiences and can be adapted to a variety of interior spaces. It is ideal to be able to observe it at 360 degrees, whether in an unconventional space, in an alternative theatre or on the stage, placing the audience on it.

Direction and Choreography: Mado Dallery 
Dramaturgy and performing: Mado Dallery and Lucía Montes 

Original Music: Lucía Montes

Costumes: Carla Paucar

Photography: Rocio Aguirre

Length 40 minutos aprox

Supporting the project:

Piece rewarded with the Second Prize of Vallecas Danza 2023

Piece finalist in Brussels Dance Contest 2024



To the entire project team and to those who are helping us in different ways.

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