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Here we present some of the collaborations that we have carried out as a company. 

We are open to new collaborations with artists or related entities.

Video dance "La Faille"       IN-SIDE with La ô

The film is born from David Badia and Nathalie Remadi's desire to narrate the disappearance of the glaciers of the Pyrenees. The protagonist is the Ossoue glacier located in the Vignemale massif.

At the heart of the proposal is the human being and the territory. It is a journey from the Ossoue glacier, discovering its melting. Its torrential waters flow down the valley, then a stop at a surrounding lake at a lower altitude from where humans emerge through dance. This water point surrounded by rocks is the natural landscape where the performers-creators Lucia Montes and Mado Dallery display their movements in slow motion and then in accelerations in reflection of current weather phenomena, with excerpts from their choreography IN-SIDE. A duo danced to the image of the changing states of the glacier that abruptly becomes so vulnerable, fragile, soon reduced to almost nothing.

Direction and Camera: David Badia and Nathalie Remadi 

Choreography and interpretation: Lucia Montes and Mado Dallery

Music: Machine Machines

"Open Body Talks" at the Cuerpo Romo Festival

Images of the improvisation of Lucia Montes and Mado Dallery with live music by Jorge Da Rocha during the 2021 Cuerpo Romo Festival at Teatros del Canal, Madrid 

Photographs: Miguel Angel Garcia

'Dangerous' by Arde Bogotá and 'Fade into You' by Santa Mónica

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